Programs WeCare Offers

Here at WeCare Recovery, we aim to treat clients by aiding in their recognition of core issues leading to addiction. Furthermore, with the support and guidance of our clinical team, tools and coping mechanisms will be learned in order to appropriately deal with such core issues. Depending on the client’s needs, they will be placed in PHP, IOP or OP (further described below) and an individualized treatment plan will be constructed based on their specific needs. Together we can find a solution and live a life of recovery.
Day Treatment

6 hours a day
At this level of care, the client will be included in participation groups, dialectical discussions, one-on-one counseling and one-on-one therapy sessions. As part of this, there will be core belief work, self-esteem theory, emotional management, rational responses, coping skills and decision training. This is highly structured schedule for up to 6 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and our clinical team works together to provide well rounded treatment, extra support and guidance through the first crucial and sometimes difficult days of one’s recovery journey.

Intensive Outpatient

5 Days 
In this phase of treatment experience, clients will engage in groups daily and have a weekly one-on-one therapy and one-on-one counseling session. Clients will have been introduced to some assignments that are designed to help them grow, learn life skills and begin social reintegration. Along with this, they will be introduced to a 12 step program of their choice. Our highly skilled clinical team and staff supports each individual while one begins to apply the tools and skills taught here at WeCare Recovery. This new lifestyle will consist of new adaptive behaviors such as learning to live with non-active addiction, or alcoholism with strategies to overcome the self-defeating habits one may have developed prior to recovery.

3 Days
As the client progresses in their treatment, they will phase down to 3 days and minimum of 9 hours a week. The client will continue one-on-one therapy sessions and individual addiction counseling, along with group therapy and participation in dialectical groups. Along with the individualized treatment plan, client will be integrating back into society living in either a sober living or home, obtaining employment (with our assistance if needed) and attending outside 12 step meetings.


This part of the program is designed with a “client centered approach” that begins the process of giving more client responsibility through increased independence. Clients continue to see a therapist and counselor each once a week and participate in groups. The treatment plan is geared towards each client becoming proactive in their recovery and strengthening their foundation for which they are building their lives.

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