Addictions We Treat

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism can be many things emotional, mental, and physical. WeCare provides an individualized program that is carried out in a safe and understanding environment far from the daily temptations presented by alcohol... read more 

Opiate Addiction

From abusing pills to using heroin, opiates are affecting a wide variety of people. At WeCare our clinical team is prepared to help with post-acute withdraw symptoms after detox. These may include insomnia, body aches... read more

Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine (meth) is a highly addictive stimulant that can be smoked, injected, inhaled or taken by mouth. consistent meth use over long period of time can result in excessive weight loss. due to a suppressed appetite.. read more

Xanax Addiction

Xanax is highly prescribed in America for many disorders and therefore lead’s it to also be one of the most abused psychoactive drugs. Beyond the symptoms that Xanax causes, there are... read more

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has powerful negative effects on the heart, brain, and emotions. The true essence of cocaine hits after the high, due to this many cocaine users fall prey to the addiction of chasing that... read more

Marijuana Addiction

With the popularity of marijuana use starting at a young age, as well as it’s legal status in some states, there has been an increase in the community of people who do not think it is a problem... read more
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