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WeCare Recovery - 1st Annual Meet & Greet!
WeCare Recovery Services

We treat underlying causes not just the symptoms of addiction.
Our program emphasizes the following three pertinent phases of addiction treatment.
                                                                                • Alcohol and chemical dependency treatment
                                                                                • Addressing psychological underlying causes
                                                                                • Social integration and life skills
WeCare is not a one size fits all program. Our treatment modality is designed to treat adult men and woman struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis. We provide one-on-one therapy sessions with a therapist who is expertly trained in treating the underlying causes and conditions of your addiction.
If you or a loved one is enduring any underlying causes or treatable emotional issues including, but not limited to, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, chronic relapse, relationship/family problems, grieving, trauma and insomnia, then WeCare’s clinical team can put together a treatment plan that is specific to the individual needs of the client.
WeCare is built on a day-treatment/outpatient model that is designed for individuals that have either already completed a detox, or primary treatment program. Our focus is to help build a long lasting foundation that will be needed to grow in a life of recovery.
Our facility, encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of recovery. Here one learns lessons that may have been, long forgotten or never learned previously. It is important to examine and begin to identify and repair damages caused by addiction and move toward attaining a balanced lifestyle. 
Each week will be filled with adventures of inner exploration, while gaining a greater self-awareness. 
Here is the time to start healing relationships within self, family, and spirituality.

Addictions We Treat

We have successfully treated all types of addictions, and we do that by providing an individualized program that is carried out in a safe and caring environment...

Our Programs

At WeCare Recovery we offer a fresh and spirited treatment option with 5 phases of treatment that are developed specifically for men who need the highest quality of care...

Therapies We Offer

Our clients have the option of receiving individual therapy, group therapy — or both. Such customized sessions target addiction and mental health issues...

Co-occurring Disorder

WeCare Recovery is uniquely different from other treatment centers. First and foremost, we treat potential clients and their families with respect and dignity...
The Solution Begins Here

WeCare Recovery Services

  • Chemical dependency and alcohol treatment
  • Treatment of psychological issues that are underlying causes
  • Social integration back into society
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WeCare Recovery Services

We believe in offering each and every individual the opportunity to succeed, or to fail, with dignity. WeCare understands that we are only as good as our staff. We have an extensive and rigorous process of selecting the top individuals in their respective fields.
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